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Your child's school has enrolled in GradeConnect, an online gradebook and course management system.

You are invited to create a Parent Account. This account will allow you to see everything your student(s) can see such as grades, homework assignments, due dates, failure warnings, etc. You'll also get convenient email communication with the teachers.

With your free Parent Account you can conveniently monitor the performance of your student in school. You'll be able to access GradeConnect from home, office or anywhere! What a great way to keep tabs on student's academic standing!

Parent Account features:

Get a constant, to-the-day overview of how well the student is doing in the course.

See everything the student can. Does the student really have no homework?

Have proof of your child's test grades, homework, etc.

Easily email questions or concerns to the teacher. There is no need to use school voice mail to contact the teacher.

No need to rely on student for information.

Post personal messages to your child through GradeConnect.
E.g. "Don't forget to meet your sister at the bus after school today!"

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